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Cleaning without chemicals.  SJH GreenSteam – has pioneered a truly “chemical free” procedure using only vapor steam to remove dirt and germs, while sanitizing and disinfecting the cleaning surfaces. Today, more and more people are becoming concerned with the use of harsh cleaning chemicals and toxins within their workplace.  As of yet, we do not know what impact and what the long-term effects of cleaning chemicals will have on health and environment? 

Vapor steam is an excellent way for restaurant owners to clean and sanitize surfaces.  Vapor steam those high traffic areas within your establishment and eliminate cross-contamination in your food prep area. 

Treat yourself, customers and your employees to an environment free of harsh chemicals. 

Engage your customers with a Clean and Sanitized Store

Your Cleaning 

Sanitizing Surfaces


So what is the solution to removing all of the germs, bacteria, and viruses from your surfaces? Some people have a cleaning routine in which they clean the surfaces thoroughly with soap and water and then follow-up that cleaning with a chemical-based cleaner that is advertised to kill germs, bacteria, and viruses on contact.

Disinfecting Surfaces


Does your disinfectant come in a spray bottle?  Are you spraying your countertops and then wiping the cleaning solutions onto the surfaces?  Leaving the chemical on the surfaces to containment or cross-containment food and other perishable products?

Cleaning Surfaces


Cleaning with detergent and water?  Then rising with the same water?  Or perhaps rising with clean water?  

The cleaning services of SJH GreenSteam

Cleaning Organic produce bins

If you are selling organic produce, you should never use cleaning chemical\s on the produce bins.  The chemical residue will containment the produce rendering them non-organic.  

Using vapor steam, to eliminate spoilage, mold from produce bins will eliminate mold, rotten fruit and or vegetables from the bins, without the use of harmful cleaning chemicals.  There is no cleaning residue left behind nor any harmful cleaning fumes.  Your organic produce will remain organic.  Vapor steam is the safest way to clean.

SJH offers store owners the option of owning your own GreenSteam machine or use our contract cleaning services.  For more information on either the cleaning services we offer or our machine purchase, click the corresponding button below.


GreenSteam machines eliminates Germs from surface

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